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Executive Office Details

Our Executive Office Suites work for you.

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A full-service office at BocaExecuSpace allows you to focus on growing your business instead of managing an office. Our complete office packages include everything you need to have a productive, professional and secure environment for your business.

Our full-service offices include all of the following:

  • Private, furnished offices with 24/7 access
  • Free Coffee
  • Hot and Cold Filtered Water Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Maid Service Twice Per Week
  • Office phone with local number. We only provide a dedicated IP connection for your own Vonage, Ring Central or other telephone service account. This enables you to take it your number and service with you when you leave our facility.
  • Dedicated, high-speed internet, WIFI access. We have redundant 80 MB Comcast IP connections. Wifi is provided by two industrial nodes at the interior East and West side of the building ceiling
  • High-speed copier, printer, collator, scanner access
  • Server Room
  • Multiple Ethernet and phone connections in each room
  • Café open 18 hours a day, 7 days a week is next door
  • Ocean View from the East side of the building
  • Canal View From the South Side of the building
  • Theater View from the South Side of the building
  • Canal View from the West side of the building
  • Exterior and Interior Security Cameras
  • After Hours Exterior Door Security System Keypad
  • After Hours Elevator Security System and Keypad
  • After Hours Interior Suite Security System and Keypad
  • We do not have receptionists so there is no extra cost for something you won’t use.
  • We do not have a conference room.

It’s not just executive office space, equipment or amenities that are included with our executive office suites, our exceptional service provided by our staff is an extension of your business. We can resolve PC and networking issues and accommodate almost any need that may arise. We go out of our way to make sure that your temporary office is a professional, productive and fun place to work every day.

Types of Office Space and Configurations

We offer executive offices for individuals and groups as large as 10 employees. We encourage you to call us to discuss what type of office configuration will help make you and your company the as productive as possible.

Exterior Offices

Exterior executive office spaces offer lots of light and spectacular views of the city and water views. Exterior offices vary in size from 100-330 square feet. Each office comes with furniture, IP/Wifi/Ethernet.

Interior Offices

Interior offices offer more predictable lighting and fewer distractions. These offices range in size from 100-300 square feet and typically cost less than similar-sized exterior offices. Interior offices are an excellent option for businesses that need the premium amenities of a full-service office, with less overhead than an exterior space.

The other option for larger teams is a suite of executive suites connected to each other. We have a few of these spaces available. This allows your team to collaborate when necessary, but also provide private executive space for quieter work. Regardless of the specific configuration, all of our full service executive offices include complete furniture, dedicated high-speed internet, phones, IP and a high-speed copier/printer.

Terms and Pricing

Our executive offices are available on flexible terms from 3-12 months, and can be set up in as little as 8 hours. Month-to-month is also available.

Pricing varies by location and executive office type. We have executive office suites from $450, $550, $700, $900 and $2000. Pricing varies by executive office suite size and is inclusive of all the amenities listed above but does not include the required additional 6% Florida sales tax.